CAROb sun photometers

Two CIMEL automatic sun-tracking photometers provide direct sun measurements at nine wavelengths: 340, 380, 440, 500, 675, 870, 936, 1020 and 1640 nm (CE 318N-EBS9 model). These are used to provide aerosol optical depth, water vapor path, and ozone path measurements. The CE 318N-EDPS9 model provides dual polarization measurements at 870 nm, used to improve description of aerosol physical parameters (size distribution and sphericity). The data contribute to AERONET, listed as Key Biscayne and Key Biscayne2. Note that Level 1 data are unscreened, Level 1.5 data have been cloud-screened, Level 2.0 data are also calibrated but tend to take a few months to appear.